Our move to Bahrain -the early days 

Bahrain was a far cry from my from my homeland, but the lifestyle suits me so well. From the laid back attitude to the hazy warm day filled with perma sunshine ❤ My two boys  Thing 1 (Leon now 6) 
And Thing 2 (Lucas 3) took to Bahrain as if they had never lived anywhere else- Although I guess Bahraini blood does run through their veins.

It did however take a while to get into the swing of the lifestyle with the headache of moving to an entirely different continent, shipping and unpacking all of your worldly goods (some of which got lost in the move 😥 ).
While unpacking we did have a few lovely little visitors to welcome us to our new home ….


Our compound (Atlanta 2, Saar) is so lush green, with so many beautiful exotic flowers-my particular favourite is the jasmine, which has always been my favourite since I first visited Bahrain many years ago and my lovely husband sprinkled them all over my bed ❤ The air is purfumed with the delicate notes of of ball, Indian and night dented jasmine, it feels like I have steped straight into an Arabian nights story ❤

Being both a bahraini and an expat family we get to experience the best of both worlds from brunches at the Ritz (omg soooo good) and site seeing (the grand mosque is my favourite, such outstanding architecture), to visiting family, celebrating ramadan together (I have particularly enjoyed preparing grand iftar meals for my husband :))

Bahrain is literally the Pearl of the Gulf and I cannot imagine anywhere more beautiful or perfect to raise my boys.


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