The mass exodus of expats and Thing 1s 6th birthday :)

In our time in Bahrain we have been invited to one party, I expected the usual little tea party, with party games…I was in for a massive surprise! Birthdays in Bahrain take on a whole life of their own- there was a giant bouncy slide, takeaways, magicians, clowns- it was like a a tiny funfair all for one child! I knew I’d have to step up my game. Booking out a beachside area with pool access, a giant outside cinema screen and space for a bouncy obstacle course, the organization was well underway!
As Things 1’s birthday was during ramadan this year we’d already  moved the party a couple weeks forward to fall before the fasting began. However there was a larger obstacle, that as a Bahraini newbie, I hadn’t built into my contingency plan- the mass exodus of expats from the island! The number of his co-conspirators who could attend the party dwindled daily as more and more families prepared to leave for the long hot summer (as a Geordie the entire year long here feels like one long summer 😉 ) there was only 1 thing to do- Move the party to only a week away!!! This left little time to import decorations or order a character cake as everyone had been pre booked months in advance or wanted an eye watering 75bds for a small minecraft cake- this left mummy and daddy with the task of making all the cakes and decorations for a ‘minecraft/superhero/lego’ party :-/
The week of preparations went by in a whirlwind of crepe papar, sticky labels and icing sugar, with the cake (which went down a hit with the Birthday boy and guests) only finished at 5am the day of the party!

The children who had stayed in the country long enough to join the party were all awarded their own Spider-Man costume as well as a Spider-man gift bag full of swag!  It did however make it difficult to work out which child was which as a an army of Spider man clones sped between your feet!

I stupidly didn’t remember to take pictures of the party as it was all set up, but managed to catch a few pictures after the party ❤



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