Impromptu date night at Bushra, Bushido’s Iftar

   Nipping out for a fast bite to eat with my husbeast (thank you Bonnie for that name ;)) turned into a full on, impromptu date night to Bushido’s for the Iftar buffet, after reading about it in a recent TimeOut Bahrain article in the car! The building was beautiful and imposing, as we stepped out of the car we were greeted by an army of impeccably dressed greeters and hostesses. Neither my husband (Mr BahrainiB, who bouled up in shorts and had to swap into trousers before we could go in, so note to anyone going there is a dress code! :-/ ) or myself, who had my usual all black comfortable outfit, very plain, natural(ish!) make up and quickly swept up hair- not my most glamorous look πŸ˜‰ The entrance (and in fact much of the interior) was dressed up to resemble the inside of a traditional Arabic tent, which while looked incredible, did not make for great photo light! While we didn’t have reservations it wasn’t a problem, as although Bushidos was busy there was still plenty of room. We were seated in a side room, which was a more secluded area towards the front of the restaurant. Bar one other patron we had that entire room to ourselves, which in turn meant all the waiters for that section were waiting only on our table – this meant for fast refills of drinks but also meant for little privacy for conversations between husband and wife! (Although I was questioned on arrival wither I was his wife!!) There was a giant selection of starters, mainly salads, I opted for the Lentil soup, which had a nice warm spice to it, with fresh baguette, which unfortunately had little crunch to it at all. There were many kinds of delicious sushi, I was disappointed to find the only vegetarian kinds were beetroot or peppers (capsicum)  maki and not my all time favorite cucumber. Upon asking the sushi chef made up a fresh batch especially just for me *my hero* πŸ™‚ I have no images of the vegetarian mains, because there were no vegetarian mains! I was highly disappointed with this and for that reason alone would not go to another Iftar here unless they had more vegetarian options available, however there was a much wider selection for Mr BahrainiB who is a card carrying carnivore and if you are a meat eater it is definitely a buffet worth trying out. The dessert selection was amazing and this factor did salvage the meal for me (though for the overall price of just over 20 BDs including taxes, would not prompt my return business). The fruit was presented in a beautiful large boat filled with ice, I sampled some of the fresh produce but as a chocolate fiend I had had my eye on the chocolate ice cream since I walked through the front door and made a beeline straight for this and the chocolate mousse-I was not disappointed in the slightest ❀ Mr BahrainiB on the other hand did not like his rose raspberry sorbet which was in his opinion far to heavily flavoured, but he did love his rose milk, which he has tried to make for himself since we returned home. You can find more details about Bushra at Bushidos on their facebook page. Running from sunset-8pm and costing 15++ weekdays and 17++ weekends, prices inclusive of a wide range of beverages (including pomegranate tea, orange juice-my favourites- and the rose milk my husband cannot forget about!) 



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