Birthday take two! On his actual birthday -the perks of a Ramadan birthday ;-)

As the birthday boy had already had his birthday party before the start of  Ramadan, his actual birthday was a more homespun family affair. We wanted to make his first birthday in Bahrain magical- so while he slept we decorate his bed and bedroom with banners, fairy lights, flashing character balloons and homemade superhero signs with his name on 🙂 (We also arranged all his presents at the foot of the bed for a very exciting wake up call!) The effect was wonderful, he opened his eyes, leapt out of bed into my arms like a giant bush baby and announced ‘I love you mummy!’ ❤ (he finds new way everyday to melt my heart <3)

After a few minutes scrambling about the bed, as he in his excited and post hibernation sleep state, believed we had put his presents under(?!?) the bed, instead of at the bottom! He opened one of the boxes and lived his new woody dolly out like a gloriously precious baby(which has has continued treating his new baby as, it literally has to go everywhere with us!) After opening his DSCF6442presents, he did a victory lap of the garden in his new thor pj’s, he was one happy spoiled boy!

He spent part of his day his day visiting his Grandad and being spoiled with a second heavenly chocolatey birthday cake from Lilous, which was bigger than his head! As you can see he was one super smug little boy!

The last present of the day ,which still sits in place of honour on the dinning room table for easy access, was his glorious minecraft lego set imported from Dubai by Nanna BahrainiB, which grown ups are also inexplicably drawn to….;-)



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