A family night out at the Art Centre’s Ramadan night market

           Last  Saturday evening  after talking to some of the local businesses taking part in the Cultural Authority’s Ramadan Market through #bahrainhour on twitter, we took a family trip out to the National Art Centre to check it out. When we arrived the front of the building had been lit up with a wonderful multi coloured art installation projected upon it. It gave the illusion of slipping through a magical portal into another land. In the foyer there was also an interactive art installation from around Bahrain which when people stood in front of showed green pixelated versions of them moving across the screen, linking back into the market theme. Thing one and Mr BahrainiB were very, very taken with this and played with it on the way in and out (and a bit in-between 😉 ) The market started at 9pm so we arrived about half past, not everything had been set up by this point but the stalls that had been were filled with local produce It was like I’d walked into my own artisan, indie cave of wonders! I was having a bit of a brain fog (part of my disability and it had been a long day!) and forgot to take business cards, however there were stalls selling everything from arty t-shirts (Mr BahrainiB’s favourite) to beautiful bath bombs and cutesy cupcakes ❤ While listening to band playing traditional music we decided to sample some of the goods from the Cafe Camarado and Souq Gourmet stall. Thing one and two opted for the freshly squeezed juices (thing one the carrot and apple juice and thing two for the very berry) They also sold world class Italian coffee and delectable biscuits in flavours such as rose and almond- nom nom. We enjoyed their stall so much we will be calling down to their permanent cafe in Riffa- most likely during Ramadan as they’re open until 2am! I will also be keeping an eye on the Bahrain Culture Authority website and twitter for anymore great events like this!


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