How to keep you locks luscious when the odds are against you

Many expats find their hair becomes dry, damaged and unmanageable when they first move to Bahrain. Wither it be from sun damage, the higher salt content in the tap water, the chlorine in the swimming pools or a mixture of all of the above, it is a problem many people find themselves unable to combat without expensive serums and time consuming salon treatments. With my fine blonde hair I was no different to the legions of expats who had moved here before me and my waist length hair already required specific care and attention so that it didnt look like a scraggly birds nest filled with spilt ends. 😦

After much trial and error and much to my surprise, as I had never previously been a fan of their products in the UK, I found that the best shampoo/conditioner combo for my hair was Tresemmes ‘Split End Remedy’ from their Expert Selection Range. At 2 BDs a bottle this was a cheap and easy way to get smoother, less damaged hair, yet this routine in itself was not quite enough to tame my Rapunzel like locks.

While lamenting about not being able to entirely get my hair back to its usual shape Bonnie from “Raw Next Door” suggested after washing my hair I should rinse it through thoroughly with bottled water. It makes such an insane difference, so now after every time I wash my hair I rinse it off with sweet water I have infused with jasmine (you’ll notice through out my blog I have quite the obsession with Jasmine ❤ )

I also make oil hair masks for my hair, some intense ones are headed and left on my hair under a towel for a shortened period of time- anywhere between 15 minutes and an hour. I also make up hair masks that I leave on overnight for a truly nourishing repairing treatment. The main base oils I use are Almond oil (which is 1.6 bds for 200ml in Geant) and Argan oil (which is freshly imported from Morocco by a family member for me-I am a very lucky girl). To these I add whatever essential oils take my fancy at that point, most often jasmine, but sometimes I also use lavender, sandalwood, bergamot, ylang ylang and neroli . This routine keeps my hair soft, shiny and glossy 🙂

I also use a product from the UK (Skinature’s Jasmine bath and body oil) on the very ends of my hair, which I leave in and do not wash out. Its luxurious exotic scent leaves me in an amazing mood all day, and it is a two for one, working as both a hair perfume and hair treatment all in one ❤


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