A Ramadan family night out at The Lost Paradise of Dilmun water park

The Lost Paradise of Dilmun water park ran a great offer through out ramadan, it was open 8 til 1 and was only 10 bd’s entrance including a burger meal for those above 120cm and 5bds for those under. This made for a cheap, magical family night out. (although the 5bd for a small locker was a bit of a kick in the teeth!)

So as the kids would usually be getting ready for bed we bundled them up into the car and off we set through the desert to water park 🙂

My oldest son was super proud when we got there that he was over 120cms and got one of the adult bands like myself and MrBahrainiB  meaning my little baby was now big enough to go on any of the rides…..though not if mummy had anything to say about it 😉

The water park looked spectacular lit up and night and with it being cooler on the night time it made for perfect water park temperatures-although being so pale and having never seen the sun while I lived in Newcastle I still went beetroot red!
Being boring my favourite part of the park is the lazy river…my kids go hysterical with laughter about the statue which wees into it and try and push one another under it while avoiding it themselves! Thing one and thing 2 love the central children’s play area, which they decided was the bat cave…(we’re going through a mild batman obsession here 😛 ) they also loved the ‘big family slide’ as they call it when you go down in a raft like dingy as a big group.

It was a fantastic night all round, they even had a vegetarian burger option which as an added bonus tasted great! 🙂 The only down side for me was I managed to hurt my foot 😥 but that’s what I get for being such a cluts!

We ended up not being able to drag he boys out of the park until it was closing time at 1am!! They were very smug about being out so late and despite their protests that they weren’t tired they were asleep within minutes of getting into the car ❤

Find out more information about The Lost Paradise of Dilmun water park and upcoming events on their Facebook, Twitter or webpage


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