A date night review of Pf Chang’s

 Originally this review had been going to be my first but after going to break Iftar there we had a terrible experience with one of the female managers, to sum it up if your veggie no Iftar and we left upset and hungry!

After much persuading, some calls from head office and the lure of a free meal I was tempted to try PF Chang’s again….and I’m glad I did! We were lead to a private,secluded booth by the back of the restaurant, where the general manager of Bahrain came out to greet us and apologised again for our previous experience and ensured all service ran smoothly!

This time there was a vegetarian option and I started my Iftar with a mountain of steamed vegetables which could have been a meal in itself! while they were just plain stemed vegetables, they were served with a variety of sauces to dip them in which was a tasty added bonus πŸ™‚ The side order of spring rolls we ordered were less tasty, they were filled with too many, oriental mushroom, that I personally find slightly slimy and I couldn’t even finish one of them 😦

Due to out previous experience the waiters could not be helpful enough, which while ensuring we had had everything we needed meant conversation was interrupted pretty frequently, but overall the staff really were great.

For the main Mr BahrainiB chicken lettuce wraps (which is a starter but large enough to be a main-he orders the same every time…) while I ordered the Ma po bean curd which was served with sticky jasmine rice. (There were actually a huge variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes on the menu, but I am a sucker for deep fried bean curd ❀ )I’m not a fan of IMG_2658spicy food so I asked them to make it non-spicy and they were more than happy to oblige. I cannot fault the main at all I enjoyed it very much and was so full I thought Mr BahrianiB was going to have to roll me home. The my main meal was so large there would have been enough to feed two people! No prizes for guessing we skipped dessert!

Overall it was a much better experience. The prices were decent and the food was high quality, I would definitely suggest if you find yourself hungry while in City Centre you try out PF Changs – They also do a children menu of a main and a drink for 1.4 bds which is a pretty great deal too!

For more information find them on twitter, facebook and their website

Service 5/5

Standard food 4/5

Vegetarian food 4/5


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