Our first Eid in Bahrain – part one

Just a pre-note, I apologise for this being so late- I have been particularly ill with my disability but I’m back to work now 🙂

While every year we celebrate Eid, this year was our first in the Middle East ❤ Bahrain takes Eid celebrations to a whole new level! Everywhere there were tiny, twinkling lights – colourful, traditional lanterns and sparkling window displays.

For us, as with most people, Eid is a very family centred occasion.  This year Thing one coloured in a very special mosque card for his Grandad, the boys also made Eid moon cards to give to all the family (along with gift boxes filled with dates we hand grew in our garden-the children in our family also got car gift boxes filled with sweeties and toys ❤ )  🙂

We also made vanilla heart cupcake which we decorated in a mixture of royal icing coloured (which I had hand dyed and incidentally caused me to have rainbow coloured hands 😉 ) frosting, Hershey’s white chocolate drops, sparkles and marshmallow fluff. My favourite was the 3d mosque cake- (which was no easy feet as most of my baking stuff is still packed away 😥 However I felt like I was a kid again playing with plays doh-It was AWESOME!! The hardest part of decorating the cakes was slapping away the hand of Mr BahrainiB who is a complete sugar fiend!

We also stung up rainbow lights in the bushes outside of our house as well as covering the trees in bunting- the only problem was thing 2 (my 3 year old) kept thinking it was Christmas Eve and has been quite crazy ever since about watching  the Christmas episodes of his favourite tv show , Octonauts :/

Come back tomorrow to see Part 2 of my Eid blog, about the wonderful Eid Brunch at The Four Seasons 🙂


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