Our first Eid in Bahrain part 2-Eid Brunch at The Four Seasons

IMG_2691 IMG_2678  I’ll apologise in advance this this is a very image heavy post, but the brunch was so amazing I want you to see it all ❤

After spending the first day of Eid together at home as a family, we went to the the Four Seasons Eid celebration and all I can say is …WOW! It was everything you could want in a celebration and then some more!

As always the place looked amazing, and the IMG_2706same basic design was used for the Eid brunch as was for the Iftar meals during Ramadan. The meal was in the main ballroom, with a marque outside containing a glorious array of delicious dishes but a few more decorations had been added 🙂 It was not only the food that wowed, the service was again utterly inpecable..our waitor princely was also hilarious, he really made us laugh.

For the kids there were 3 whole rooms set up for their entertainment, IMG_2696a bouncy castle, little rides, partIMG_2694y games, computer games, crafts play doh, a cinema and charaters  (not just one or two but Mickey, Minnie, Spongebob and Dora the explorer!) As a kid I would have killed for this! It was also fully supervised and had popcorn, ice cream and cotton candy for the kids (as well as some actually real food with nutricional value, but who wants that on a celebration day?!)

 The entertainment for the adult guests was no less exciting, there was a lovely, talented young women doing henna in a tent on the way in. There was also a dj and traditional Arabic band who were incredible, my favourite entertainment I have seen in Bahrain so far, between that and all the food I was in absolute heaven ❤

There were a huge variety of drinks available however as Mr BahrainiB and I don’t drink we stuck to the IMG_2686mocktails and coffee ❤ The coffee is the best we have had on the island (apart from the ones I make 😉 )

While the starters and main courses were delightful, my favourite has and always will be dessertIMG_2701s (a more of a nommy mommy than a yummy mummy lol) I literally stopped in my tracks as I spotted the waffle station, as they have always been a guilty pleasure of mine. Another favourite in our family is anything chocolate, chocolate mousse, chocolate ice cream, chocolate pancakes, you name it we love it, we are a family of chocoholics! So we were delighted to see there was a chocolate fountain ❤ I also opted for chocolate ice cream at the sundae station 😉

Over all this was another wonderful IMG_2713experience due to the Four Seasons Bahrain Bay’s hospitality and attention to detail. It was a incredible introduction to Eid Bahrain style and we were once again a very happy family with children who didn’t want to leave! We will certainly be back yet again.



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