Caffe Camardo- A Family Friendly Oasis in the Desert


IMG_2997Last Thursday night instead of my usual date night with Mr BahrainiB, we had a family date night at Caffe Camardo ❤

The café is incredibly easy to find, it is literally opposite the Sofitel, in a complex which also houses a IMG_2981high end bike shop and an excellent tobacco store  (not that I smoke 🙂 ) I thought that it may take a while to get to as it feels like it is a while away but it actually only took about 15 mins from central Saar and was faster to get to than Manama ❤

IMG_2977The seating is mainly outside, which was a nice change, (there were giant fans which sprayed water particles to keep us cool) so we were sat surrounded by palm trees and fragrant Indian jasmine <3, while thing one and thing two had a wonderful time exploring the  (fully enclosed-thank the lord) play IMG_2975area.

We were greeted by the manager Jude, who is such a lovely man, in factIMG_3003 all the staff were really warm, friendly and highly attentive. They were also very well informed on their products. The head barrister demonstrated how their miniature espresso machines worked.  Apart from beautiful home wear (we opted for the metal and silicone straws) Caffe Camardo also had a fully stocked pantry of teas and biscuits by Partridges of IMG_2993London, my favourite was the almond and rose biscuits and the rose leaf tea- do you see a bit of a theme here 😉

IMG_2960The food and drink selection was extensive, the delectable cakes are all baked on site and because of this were so fresh, unlike some other cafes we have been to (cough*costas*cough)

We opted for a couple of cakes to share, myself the ever persistent chocahoIMG_2952lic opted for the giant chocolate muffin, while Mr BahrainiB opted for the jam filled pastry. The only problem with the dessert was that my family inhaled them all in seconds leaving only crumbs for me, they were truly that good 🙂 (Mr BahrainiB ate the intire jam one without sharing and then snaffled down a IMG_2957tuna sandwich as well!)

As always in a café I opted for a latte (because I am incredibly predictable and boring 😉 ) however there were many, MANY other choices, Mr BahrainiB opted for the MocIMG_2951ha Cookie Craze which was an impressive dessert in itself including an oreo on top ❤ I absolutely adored the heart they drew in it in chocolate syrup ❤

It was a really laid back family outing, the children were happy, we were happy and we were treated to artisan cakes and handcrafted drinks. It was a perfect end to a perfect week and I will definitely be coming back again (FREQUENTLY)

Food price:4.5/5

Food quality:4.5/5

Service rating: 5/5

You can find more about Caffe Camardo on Twitter, Facebook or if you have an urge to try one them you can also have their items delivered through Talabat.

You can also find more about the products mentioned from Partridges of London on their twitter or website

IMG_2942IMG_2939  IMG_2945

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