The new menu at the Soie restaurant in the Sheraton Bahrain <3

While I had hopped to have this blog post finished earlier, situations have conspired against me and I seem to have hurt myself far more from my fall then was ever initially thought- however I know how sick everyone must be about me going on about it so I’ll leave it at that!

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of being invited by the lovely Cris to the launch of the newest menu launch at Soie in the Sheraton Bahrain.

Now I was very immobile, pained and self conscious in the in the run up to the event so to make myself feel more confident I had a second salon trip to Nini salon in budeiya to have my hair styled and curled 🙂

~While I have never been the best time keeper, keeping to any sort of schedule seems to be beyond in at the minute- it takes far longer than you’d think to get any where in a wheelchair! When we arrived the drinks reception was already coming to a close and people were preparing to take their seats. We had the obligatory photos at the beginning and although this one is terrible quality copy of bahrainthisweeks version, I just had to include it there are far and few between photos of Mr Bahrainib out there, and I just love him in his thobe 😉

For those of you who haven’t been to Soie before you are really missing you, not only is the food and service amazing (which I’ll come to later) but the décor is also exceptional. The entire interiors are in a far eastern style and  from the impressive wooden perdaga constructed in the centre of the room, to the traditional styled art work IMG_3169~and dragon chopstick holder, there has been no expense spared when it comes to attention to detail!

Another bonus in Soie’s favour was that all the staff helped me move around in my wheelchair in a very dignified manner which was very kind of them and helped me feel entirely more comfortable with the situation!

When it came to the menu for the evening there was a set selection for guests to try which was served buffet style to each table, which included four courses followed by tea ❤

Out of the starter there was only one vegetarian option for me to comment on, the steamed vegetable spring rolls. While these were delicious I must confess I am more fond of their unhealthy deep-fried counterparts. The other starters include deep fried butterfly prawns and fried chicken balls, Mr Bahrainib was more partial to the latter, however a word of warning the sweet chilli sauce had a super spicy kick to it.

Spicy was a theme which would continue through out the meal, the hot an sour soup while not initially spicy left an incredibly spicy after taste to it, most people enjoyed this, however I am a whimp so it was not my cup of tea!


The menu showed a variety of dishes for mains and there were honestly so many we couldn’t actually fit them all on the table at once!! I wasn’t fantastically happy to see the vegetarian option was just stir fried veg with noodles and rice, however I am used to this-although as it turned out I didn’t have to settle for that this time! Without even asking for anything I was presented with a dish which wasn’t on the nights set menu but is on the usual menu. The veggie tofu dish was absolutely delicious, the best Chinese food I have had since coming to Bahrain! I made an absolute pig of myself and cleared the whole plate!

A general canvas of the table placed the fried mango chicken dish as the favourite of the meat eaters on the table!

However even though we were stuffed this was not the end of the of the wonderful food, the dessert of deep fried ice cream was not only presented like a Master Chief master piece, it was also the most delicious part of the meal. I have never had anything like it and cannot wait to go back to this wonderful restaurant again!!

The excitement for me didn’t end here, as I was informed that I had won the twitter competition! One nights stay with breakfast for two in Dubai!! This stay works as a lovely anniversary trip and I will of course be blogging about it!

Thanks Sheraton, you guys are the best! 🙂 🙂

For information check out Sheraton Bahrain’s website or find them on TwitterInstagram and Facebook

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