Jones The Grocers in Bahrain-A gourmet affair or just a flash in the pan?

After a few bad experiences recently with both take-aways and restaurants I thought it was only fair I share those less than appetising experiences, as well as the wonderful ones I usually have.

One such experience was at Jones The Grocers in I’m going to be generous with this one and hope it was just teething problems, with the restaurant being new at the time, rather than it being  complete write off, but the experience did leave a terrible taste in my mouth!

As some of you may know, I host the online twitter hour Bahrainhour every week day, I will often host from different locations around Bahrain to promote local businesses and showcase beautiful areas on the island.

That particular week I had arranged with whomever runs the Jones The Grocers  twitter account that I would host Bahrainhour from within their restaurant.

When I arrived I actually thought it was closed, there were no other patrons in there, the floors were being washed and there was a large staff meeting going on in the smoking section. In other words it was very unwelcoming, looked closed and made me feel super uncomfortable and nervous! If I had not had my husband with me I probably would have just turned around and gone home, but at his urging because we had travelled all the way up from Saar.

The menu itself was quite expensive and didn’t have a massive variety for vegetarians. I opted for a sandwich and asked if it could be made without one of the items. I was told sandwiches are all ready made and nothing can be changed- a place which markets itself as gourmet, should be able to make a fresh sandwich…especially for those prices! So instead I asked for a freshly prepared dish with a slight alteration- the chef replied this was the Jones recipe and he would not be changed it, even if it was only to leave out one ingredient.

By this time I had had enough- had we not already ordered drinks on arrival I would have just left! On the drinks front I ordered a pomegranate and hibiscus. It looked nice but unfortunately they had added a lot of mint to it, which wasn’t on the menu and if I had known I wouldn’t have ordered it, so for me it was an expensive waste.

For this unpleasant experience it cost us 4 BDs and about 2 hours of my life that I won’t get back :/

I tried contacting Jones The Grocers on twitter repeatedly about this but received no replies.


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