Upstairs downstairs- Dining in Bahrain made easy with the eat app

    For the first time this week I took the plunge and made my reservations for my Thursday night date night on the Eat app- it was so simple and easy I honestly do not know why it has taken me this long to try it out!

I opted for Upstairs Downstairs for a grown up, sophisticated meal in a establishment which is one of the corner stones of restaurants in Adaliya, it actually celebrates its 40th anniversary this year!

We were slightly late for our reservation but this did not seem to be a problem at all. Being able to park outside and given the name, I left my wheelchair in the car and I’m glad I did as there were many steps just to get into the dining area so I wouldn’t have managed otherwise. The table we had reserved had hard chairs which would have been unmanageable with my bad hip, however we were moved immediately without any hassle to a more comfortable table by the piano.

Inside has a beautiful European feel-The area was quiet dark and mood lit (you can tell by some of my pictures!) however with us being on date this was welcomed. The only down side was the music, because we came earlier in the evening- before the live music 😥 we were serenaded by Rod Stewart-while not music I enjoyed it did give us something to giggle about! Mr BahrainiB chose the upstairs downstairs mocktail special while I started with a cheeky glass of rose (my first drink since arriving in Bahrain!) Given the overall ambiance mixed with the wine and European dishes you would be forgiven if you forgot you were in Bahrain at all!

We both opted to start with a salad, Mr BahrainiB opted for a Ceaser salad (his favourite) which he massively enjoyed, however he wasn’t so sure about the balsamic vinegar in a Ceaser salad. I opted for the Hallumi salad, the cheese had a bit of a goaty taste to me so I couldn’t manage to eat much of it, but the dressing was a peppery vinegarette which I loved ❤

There were quite a few vegetarian options, for my entrée I chose the pasta, I sighed a bit at this because as a vegetarian my option is often pasta or pasta or pasta, but boy was I wrong! It was creamy without be overly heavy and so delicious in all the right ways, its flavours were all in perfect harmony and I’ve thought about this dish many times since leaving ❤

By this point we were so full we could barely move, however we were  informed there was a dessert curtesy of the people at eat app…and who says no to free cake? (We opted for the cinnamon apple crumble and I had to just about shoe horn it in 🙂 ) It was a close call wither I would go into a food coma before finishing, but I wasn’t raised a quitter and somehow managed 😉

With it being our first booking through the eat app we also received 5 bds off our bill ( which paid for my little tipple, score!) If you also want to get 5BDs off your first order use the code GIMME5 you can also now conveniently book Uber at the same time  as your reservation too 🙂

The customer service was amazing, everyone was polite and welcoming- The manager Issac even came across to ask if we had enjoyed our meal and informed us of the upcoming British brunch (this Friday!!)

Over all it was a fantastic evening out, comfortable, relaxed and it felt like being whisked  away on a trip, even if only for a couple of hours. We are already planning to come back and hopefully we’ll see you there 😉

for more information check out upstairs downstairs on their website, Facebook and Instagram

and don’t forget you can download the eat app free in the Apple store 🙂

vegetarian options:4/5

standard food quality: 4/5


value for money: 5/5



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