5 star living now available at Lagoona Beach Resort and Spa – Bahrain part 1

IMG_3391-0Now many of you may have seen the adverts and billboards around Bahrain for the newly built Lagoona Beach Resort and Spa in Bahrain, but I took it one step further this week as I was invited to experience the luxury that is 5 star living at the opening 🙂

On arrival I was greeted by two spectacular water features, the first a beautiful fountain, which shot water up continuously to catch the bright Bahraini sun making the water shimmer and sparkle as it dances and the second is a beautiful waterfall running opposite to the main door giving a sense of tranquility and relaxation before I have even set foot inside the building. Once inside you are greeted with fragrant Arabian coffee and a large welcoming smile (a consistency through out the entire building, all the staff are warm, genuine and friendly ❤ )

IMG_3411Every aspect of the building screams fine living and you could easily imagine yourself being in your own palace ❤ The sleek modern design of the entrance is centered around the magnificent modern chandelier and fountain, while to the right the  check in desk houses  beautifully scented fresh cut flowers- I am a sucker for orchids 🙂

As I have a full blown coffee addiction I made a beeline straight to the coffee lounge in the foyer- the seats are beautiful but more importantly incredibly comfortable and once again I was greeted with smiles all round. I opted for an Americano to start with  (which I promptly managed to spill all over-I blame my shaking hand!) I was mortified that I had made a mess in the foyer on opening day, however this embarrassment melted away as the staff swiftly cleaned up the area- but only after repeatedly checking on me, as their first priority was to my welfare, which was such a refreshing change :)My drink was also replaced immediately.

My favourite bit about the coffee lounge is that it serves far more than just spectacular coffee- (I decided to have a second coffee- a latte this time, it would be rude not to WP_20150912_12_14_55_Protry them all 😉 ) it also serves excellent food….Ever the breakfast connoisseur, I ordered the pancakes while Mr BahrainiB opted for the club sandwich. My mouth started watering as soon as I spotted the giant tower of fluffy buttermilk pWP_20150912_12_13_14_Proancakes topped with strawberries….yum yum! I even commandeered some of Mr Bahrainib’s curly fries…for a quality check of course 😉

Part 2 to follow………

In the mean time if you can’t wait for my next post to find out more information about Lagoon Beach Resort on their Facebook and Instagram pages


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