Elite Hospitality Fan Appreciation Party :)

Last week the Elite Hospitality group in Bahrain held its SAMSUNG CSCsocial media fan appreciation day. Held in the large Elite Resort and Spa on the Sheikh Hamad causeway at Muhurraq Bay, the evening had an exciting array of activities for fans both young and old.SAMSUNG CSC

From the cupcake station where you could ice your own cake, to the beautiful decorations and non alcoholic cocktail stand- with bar staff from the 360 club, everything was planned to perfection. We were even treated to a routine by the beautiful Elite hotel cheerleaders! 🙂

Unfortunately due to illness and a family engagement we had to slip away early in the evening- though not before Mr BahrainiB truffled through the wide array of available party food- he would recommend the bbq chicken wings!

He also pinched a social media cupcake for the road!

Thank you Elite Hospitality for a great evening!!

For more information on Elite Resort and Spa, you can find them on facebook, twitter and Instagram



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