A review of Pizzamo Bahrain

Last month after having heard rave things about Pizzamo from different reviews and articles, we decided we would have to try them out for ourselves-BIG MISTAKE!

We ordered through talabat  (which ended up being a saving grace as they sorted our problems out for us)

Firstly the pizzas took nearly 2 hours to arrive. Then the entire order was wrong! From the pasta to the pizzas being covered in meat (I’m a vegetarian). Upon telling the driver this we were met with utter rudeness- from being told we were wrong that was our order- to refusing to call their shop or even to take back the pizzas and bring the correct order! All in a terrible manner basically telling us we were idiots and that was what we had ordered!!

After eventually ringing the store ourselves we were sent another order….though they didn’t have any of the pasta we had a salad instead- fine by this point I was so hungry I was beyond caring!

This part of the order took another hour and half to be delivered. Unfortunately the pizzas were completely inedible- avoid the pineapple at all costs if you do decided to order from them as they use spiced pineapple!!

So after another round of calls we were offered a refund- not being unreasonable people we said we would collect the refund from their store in person so they did not have to send out another delivery driver.

Next day we trek up to Juffair from Saar- ring for the address and instead are given bad directions, no actual address and are sent to the wrong area off Juffair 😦

An hour and a half later we ended up going home empty handed after Pizzamo refused to answer any of our calls.

Luckily for us as always Talabat came through and refunded us- we never heard back from pizzamo, despite many calls and online complaints.

Worst customer service in all of Bahrain!

While I would never order from Pizzamo again and would suggest no one else did either, I would highly recommend Talabat who are highly reliable!!



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