Back to blogging after a year!

It’s been a year since my last post and obviously a huge amount has happened in that time! 

We’ve celebrate our first Christmas and Halloween in Bahrain. We have even celebrated  our first Holi and Thankgiving ever and visited the formula one as a family ❤ 

We’ve  made new friends, had friends who’ve become our family and had friends leave the island- but as is the way with expat life!

We have also gained a new furry family member who turned up one day and made herself at home ❤

We had our first trip back to the UK since moving to Bahrain (which I will also cover in another post!) 

We’ve also had some less savoury experiences including being our family being racially abused at the weekend at comic con 😦 (which i put down to the trump effect- Mr Trump has alot to answer for!!)

Health wise I’ve gone through alot, from being wheelchair bound- to suffering a bout of pneumonia. I have also managed to lose near 3 and a half stone (which for a greedy foodie like me is no easy task!) Although I will never be free of Fibromyalgia, I am finally, due to the hard work of the Bahraini medical system, in the fortunate position where I am healthy enough to start enjoying life again! 

Thank you to the people who still included me in their events during this time- including the Sheraton, the wonderful Ali at Cico’s restaurant and the ever lovely Anita Menon of the Butterfly Effect who has never let me down yet ❤  

So watch this space for all this and more ❤


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