Hailing from North of the Wall(Newcastle) I met my Prince and left the harsh wildling countryside to cross the Narrow sea and live photo 1 (6)in Dorne (Bahrain). –As you can tell I am a giant nerd at heart ❤ I am a mother to two boys, thing one and thing two, but don’t be fooled by their angelic faces 😇 , they are mischievous little pixies 😈 ,who keep me on my toes! I am also a complete foodie and am loving all the scrumptious food in Bahrain 😋( you can tell by looking at me, im more of a nommy mommyratherthan a yummy mummy 😉 ) I am a veggie but I’m that rare breed of veggie who doesnt mind cooking meat for others, in fact I absolutely love cooking in general it is one of my favourite hobbies- IMG_2376I even have 2 ovens and hobs in my kitchen!! My blog is about all aspects of the Bahraini lifestyle, from food to fashion and children to culture. Finally please bare with me if I don’t respond to a comment immediately or if I take longer to post a blog, I have a disability and sometimes need to rest, however I don’t let my disability define me so i keep plodding along. 😃

One comment

  1. Hi , good morning (
    Have so rely nice and rely attractive profile I rely loved , there are many meaning one your soft picture Which (self-confidence, trust, love, smile, happy life, and I am confident that this heart is honest with others in life,
    Some time it’s difficult to read heart of the person, but with my soft heart and my feelings I always to tray to read and to hop to reach to the kind of heart from my heart
    Maitham 🎀🎀🎀


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